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Blackjack tutor is a nice program that will help you improve your game
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Blackjack Tutor is a program that will give you smart advises while you are playing Blackjack on your computer. You can use this game just as a game or you can use it as a program to improve your Blackjack skills. The application will display many different Blackjack strategies and you will be able to pick one of them. Then, the dealer will give you two cards and you will have to decide whether you want to hit, double, stand or split. If you decide to hit and the program's tutor thinks you are wrong, it will send an alert letting you know that you should stand. In case you want to stand, the program can also tell you that you'd better hit one more card.

You can set your own preferences to play the game. You can choose which cards and sleeves to use. You can also enable sound and animations.

Blackjack Tutor is very easy to use. The program is free. There are no many system requirements needed to install the game. It should work well on your computer if you have the latest Windows platforms, but it also supports Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

Sebastian Fernandez
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